• Pipe in pipe tubular design
  • Gentle heating
  • Compact and modular design
  • Automated control system
  • Easy to clean

The Mash Heaters are designed to preheat various fruit mash i. e. from apples, pears, berries and stone fruits. The enzyme activity will be increased and the juice and colour yield is improved. The mash heater is installed between the milling and mash holding section. Short processing time, low heat impact and easy capacity adjustments of all kinds of fruit mash are possible.

Mash Heater systems are typically multi section systems. The hot water station is adjustable to run different hot water temperatures. The system consists of following major components. Heating element (double tube heat exchanger module), hot water station (tubular heat exchanger, hot water recirculation pump, expansion tank and various preassembled pipe elements). Water used as service media is heated by live steam in a hot water preheater. The hot water produced is fed into the circulation system by a rotary pump. It flows through the shell of the heating element of the mash. The heat transfer to the mash, which is passing the inner tube of the heat exchanger module in counter flow. The cooled water flows back to the rotary recirculation pump. A safety valve and expansion tank is installed to prevent overpressure and volumetric expansion.

Type: hot water mash heater system

Number of sections: variable depending of output

Capacity: 10 to 120 t/h, 700–2’800KW/h

Heating systems: hot water or low pressure steam (optional)

Temperature range: 5 to 85 °C

Automation: PLC based, visualization with touchscreen