• Continuous and gentle product drying
  • Minimal oxidation
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Minimal flavour losses
  • Product specific feeding and discharging systems
  • Fully automated operation & cleaning

  • Malt cocoa beverages
  • Malt extracts
  • Reaction aroma and HVP's
  • Herbal extracts
  • Proteins
  • Fruit and vegetable concentrates
  • Pharmceutical concentrates
  • and more

  • GMP hygiene design
  • Strong and durable execution
  • High performance solutions
  • Very high availability
  • perfect cleaning results
  • Minimum product loss
  • Energy safing strongly considered


Vacuum: 0.5 - 100 mbar

Temperature max.: 180°C

Residence time: 15 - 120 Min

Capacity: 1 - 5.000 kg/h

Feeding: Separte dosing pumps and swivel feed drive

Heating and cooling plate surface: 1 - 300 m²

Number of separate driven belts: 1 - 12

Belts: Polyester, PTFE coated Kevlar and Glass fabrics

Belt tracking: Depend on belts used

Dry end: Stripper and Crusher or Granulator, (Cribbler)

Discharge system: 2 or 3-hopper and butterfly valves

Conveying: Stepped dense or lean phase

Heating: Steam or pressurized water of thermal oil

Vacuum: Steam jet or chilled water condenser

CIP: Automatic 3-Step cleaning cycles

Controls: PLC and HMI with recipe control