NFC and concentrate citrus juice extraction with membranes and fibers line separation system of the juice. Device ready to recover the essential oil of peel in independent processes.

Cups in the extraction system can be adapted to match the size of the fruit. Active feeding system to guarantee the highest performance. Vibro-motor assembled at the fruit reception tray to ensure optimum feeding. Separation system for peel oil. Active and monitored lubrication system. The cam drive system is heat-treated to make it harder to enhance long-term performance. It also has monitoring and protection from excessive forces in the extraction and feeding systems. Optional CIP spray cleaning system. Juice contact surfaces and structures are made of stainless steel and other foodgrade materials.

  • Configuration adaptable to the size of fruit
  • 2" Tangerine and lime: 800 fruits/min
  • 2-3/8", 3", 4", 4-1/4" Orange and lemon: 500 fruits/min
  • 5" Grapefruit: 195 fruits/min