• Absolutely yeast free beer
  • Sterilization 85°C possible
  • Long life time of membranes
  • No frequent membrane change
  • No expensive cleaning agents

Bucher Unipektin Competence Center Filtration presents the first reliable solution for crossflow beer filtration with ceramic membranes. With the CERINOX® BF a truly reliable solution for the crossflow membrane filtration of beer and other fermented beverages like e.g. cider is presented. Based on the great competence in beer filtration and the long experience with CERINOX® BR cross-flow systems for beer recovery from tank bottoms, Bucher Unipektin is in an excellent position to provide solutions for mainstream beer filtration, which fulfill all requirements of the brewing industry. With the latest generation of ceramic membranes with 1.4 mm channels it is now possible to reach the same packed density as the polymer membranes, which allows also retrofitting existing systems like the Microstar, which is still widely used in wineries. Whether it is consulting, engineering, project realization with integrated control systems or upgrade of existing filter systems, with Bucher Unipektin Competence Center Filtration you have the right partner. The know-how and the long time experience of our employees allow us to establish tailor made solutions from one hand and serve our customers the best way possible.