The HPS press was developed for the solid liquid separation of biological substances. This machine is the effective solution for dewatering of communal and industrial sludge. The solid content of a suspension may be between 2 and 10%. For several performance requirements there are several machine sizes provided.


  • High degree of dewatering
  • Low disposal and drying costs
  • Reliable process and control system
  • Self-optimising process operation
  • Continuous operation without supervision
  • Minimal labour costs
  • Minimal maintenance costs

The press is designed as a rotating cylinderpiston system with hydraulic drive. Between bottoms of cylinder and piston flexible drainage elements are fixed that lets the filtrate off the press interior. The press process is composed of the steps sludge feeding, dewatering by cyclic press and bulking loops and discharge of the filter cake. A complete press process lasts between 70–120 minutes depending on the sludge’s capability for dewatering.


Throughput kg DR/h*: 100–200

Filter area: 18

Empty weight in kg: 11’300

Filled weight in kg: 14’600

Dimensions (L X B x H): 6’500 x 2’834 x 2’550

Power consumption kW*: 10